True Color Cooking

Chef Harriette Bugel
P O Box 258
Asheville NC 28802


True Color Cooking is a Chef for Hire service which flows a joy of communing with others over a fine meal. I am a Slow Food Movement cook ...local, seasonal, sustainable, ethically produced comestibles. I am available for single meals or dinner parties. How it works: We meet to discuss food preferences and diet boundaries (allergies, medical issues). This interview creates the foundation for budget/fees and menus. We set a cook date. That day, I do the grocery shopping and arrive at your home to cook. Prepared food is packed and stored with instructions for service late. The kitchen is clean and the aroma of something yummy remains.

A companion service is True Color Counseling. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I offer therapy using a wholistic approach weaving experiential learning and cognative behavioral methods with cooking. Consider how many profound life moments and loving conversations have happened for you in the kitchen or over a meal. Simple cookery lessons available. Details at



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