Deanne McIntyre, Jewelry Designs

Deanne McIntyre
828 545-4455

Fairview NC


Deanne McIntyre began as an apprentice goldsmith over 30 years ago after minoring in Constructive Design at Florida State University. She has lived in many places, from Miami FL to Green Bay WI with two years in Dun Laoghaire Ireland in between. As a professional goldsmith, she continued to design and repair fine jewelry wherever she called home. Her designs represent the fluid integration of precious metals and natural gems. Asheville was home while raising her children; and her membership in the SHCG dates back to 1985. She is once again a resident of this inspiring and creative area. Her lifetime of experience and learning is now focused on creating jewelry that delights Asheville residents and visitors alike. Call Deanne to see some of her designs or to discuss a custom job or repair.



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